The Nonlinearity of Life is Real. Try to Find Your Variables.

The Nonlinearity of Life is Real. Try to Find Your Variables.

Our brains, by nature, try to solve the easy things first, and we try to avoid complexities. It is easier to solve linear equations than non-linear equations. But life is not linear, and not just with two simple variables, x (personal life) and y (professional life). Many variables within these two are playing at different dimensions.

You have expected something from life, and your family and friends expect something from you. You expect something to achieve in your professional life, and the company expects something from you. This collective expectation makes you fall into Chakravyuh.

😂 Ye Dil Maange More out of Somethings Dil Maange Less

Burnout is real. But how do you find the root cause? Here, you are the only one who can help yourself. Then you need to ask yourself a lot of questions.
Am I demanding more and wanting to work less?
Am I expecting more than reality?
Quantifiable things are comparable. Unluckily or luckily, salary is the most competitive tool for measuring success.
If you look at relationships through the lens of an economist, if you are giving more than you are taking from the second, you are good. and that is the trade-off between both parties (employee and employer, husband and wife). If we are expecting a higher salary, on the other end, the company is expecting more sales or service from you. Everyone wants to take more than to give.

Be a giver.

🤔 There is no time for Nothing.

Am I giving time to myself (habits, reading, exercising, self-talking, family time)?
We wake up late in the morning, run to the office, and have no energy in the evening, just chilling on Netflix or social scrolling. We all have the same 24 hours, but we don't own them and don't claim them for ourselves. We do not give ourselves time, but we do have expectations for ourselves. That is real. In that dissatisfaction, to lighten the load on ourselves, we start to blame others.

😌 Don't engage your ego.

We are less important than we think, and somehow that is the truth. But in psychology, we seek importance; we overestimate our knowledge and ability. Because of our self-perceived importance, we keep ourselves away from growth. It is good to keep your ego outside, ask for help, help others, take others' feedback, and feel free to give your opinion. These small things will make you and others feel engaged.

😊 Life is not linear. Accept and embrace the non-linearity.

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