Pottery Prides Of India

Pottery Prides Of India

The wheel of time is in the 21st century, but the spinning wheels of clay are coming back with nobility. The curious clans of today want to be surrounded by everything beautiful from old-world practices to new-world developments.


Longpi Pottery,

Manipur, Longpi village The origin is indigenous, but the glory is global, placed in the hearts of art connoisseurs across the world. It embodies the perfection of the hand without the pottery wheel. Its elegance can be found in its black and rustic matte finish. In this world of chemicals and machines, these crafts of clay without chemicals and machines are like narratives of nature.

Blue Pottery

Rajasthan Jaipur- The color blue is like limitless possibilities in the endless sky. The influence of the Persian ceramic style on the affluent craftsmanship of Jaipur can catch the eyeballs of aristocrats. The making process is complex, but their aesthetic appearances are like marvels of the Mughals.

Khavda Pottery

Gujarat -Khavda- Here the shining sun not only shatters on the Rann of Kutch but also on the clay of Khavda. These pots reflect artistic inheritance and the evolution of culture from the Indus civilization up to the minimalism of modern.

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