Neom : The $500 Billion Future City, Designed Today to Redefine Tomorrow

Neom : The $500 Billion Future City, Designed Today to Redefine Tomorrow

What if a city is more like a playground without causing any pain to the planet? Yes, Neom is the answer to sustainably smart cities in a country, mostly covered by desert lands. The $500 billion project covers a total area of over 26,500 sq km larger than Kuwait or Israel and is a part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

This city will be governed by an autonomous legal system that will be drafted up by investors which should be entirely outside the confines of the Saudi judicial system.

NEOM is not a city, it is a place that will be made up of a few regions.


It is a concept of a linear city stretching across 170 kilometers with a wild and need-of-the-hour imagination of car-free and carbon-free, 95 percent of land preserved for nature communities with everything people need within 5 minutes of walk. The stretch of 170 km will be connected by a high-speed train with an end-to-end transit within 20 minutes.


The objective of Oxagon is to be a clean and green industrial zone of advanced manufacturing, research, and development. This clean and green industrial region become the most advanced industrial urban with ease of business incorporation, licenses, permits, and a world-class integrated logistics and supply chain with a strategic port in the Red Sea with global routes.


In the majestic mountains of Tabuk Province, Trojena is carefully crafted across six unique clusters to give the experience of sports and entertainment for both residents and travelers. The curated clusters  include

GATEWAY -The GATEWAY connects the upcoming world of unparalleled experience with the wild imagination of visitors with grandness.

DISCOVER- The edge of the cliff can convoy you to gaze at the stars, whisper with the clouds, and enjoy the mountain with a 360-degree view.

VALLEY- The valley consists of a luring man-made lake, enchanting forest, scenic lake view residences, and rejuvenating water sports.

FUN- This high-altitude zone is like a mountain village with a lot of outdoor mountain slopes and adventurous activities.

RELAX- This lifestyle and resort cluster is the ultimate sophistication of wellness and rejuvenation to balance the body and mind.

EXPLORE- This cluster offers the pathway to explore the inner self with hiking trails and private pathways with augmenting experience and thriving serenity.


If you are looking for the ultimate luxury on a yacht or a wonderful island experience, Sinalah can offer high-end tourism with responsible design and inspirational architecture.


The coast of the Red Sea can host the luxury-seeker, with extravagant history redefining hotels and residences.

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