How To Deco Your Home In A Bohemian Way?

How To Deco Your Home In A Bohemian Way?

What is the bohemian design principle?

Boho style is a way of designing with a free spirit in a natural tone with minimal art deco. When you become free in spirit, you can accept a wide range of different philosophies to create an eclectic and sensible interior. You can choose random objects and redefine any predefined phenomena in design. There is no fixed formula; you can play with patterns and layer with colors.

Origin of Bohemian style

Bohemia is a region in the present-day Czech Republic and is believed to be the homeland of the Romani people, the largest ethnic minority group in Europe. Many of them were creative artists, musicians, and tradespeople who lived an unconventional, free-spirited lifestyle. Their continuous travel with little money after the war situation spurred their creativity to adopt unconventional but eccentric ways of fashion and decoration.

How to select the characters of the boho style?

  • Colors are the main character of the boho style, which should make the space earthy and rustic. The most preferred colors are shades of brown, green, and grey.
  • Baskets are organizers, but they can add depth to the space. A cane-weaved basket or a grass-weaved basket brings a rustic, natural charm to the space.
  • Mirrors are mandatory in any home. But some mirrors with unconventional shapes and styles will truly reflect the free spirit of bohemian decor.
  • Rugs with geometric patterns or a simple monochrome rug of jute add naturality.
  • Macramé over a nude-colored wall looks minimal, but sometimes simpler touches add ultimate luxury to the space.

You can add more natural plants, handmade artistic wall decor, and colorful pillows to complement and complete the bohemian style.

How to design a bohemian entryway?

Image source: Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

Entryways are the hallmarks of any space with a sense of welcome. In design, we don't prefer to use the word should be; when you leave that word, you can love multiple unconventional ideas. An unconventional-shaped mirror or a conventional oval hanging mirror over a hand-made accent table with a few elegant tabletop decors like white-washed terracotta vases with dried Pampas grass, tabletop metal arts, a little photo frame, a simple elegant weaved stool to change shoes, and hanging art will make the entryway aesthetically elegant.

One thing is very important: there is no conventional way to make it unconventional. It is much better to explore and find different ways to use different objects.

How to design a bohemian living room?

Image source: Photo by Curology on Unsplash

The living room is by nature where we spend our free time, but by default, we nurture ourselves and our relationships. A rattan or wicker weave wall hanging basket can bring a wave of authenticity to the vibe of earthiness and naturalness. Bohemian design draws inspiration from unconventional uniqueness, so you can go with unconventional artistic objects, sculptures, and arts from different cultures. Filling the room with a mix of potted plants, ferns, and hanging plants brings the freshness and bridge of outdoor living to your indoor audacity. Draping the sofas with colorful or geometric-printed throw blankets is important for the room. A rattan statement chair or unique stool or bench will add character to the space.

How to design a bohemian bedroom?

Image source: Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Bohemian is not defined by definition; the design can be minimal or maximal, and the wall colors can go neutral or dark bold. A simple bed with natural fiber bedsheets and colorful or textured pillow covers, simple side tables, a colorful artistic fabric bed backdrop, and a few plants are the basics for designing your bohemian bedroom.

The rich hues of terracotta planters, the organic intensity of hanging macramé, fabric art, or tapestries, the whimsical touches of natural elements made from rattan or jute, a distressed wooden bench with soft lighting, and neutral color-paletted walls are more than enough to enrich the boho bedroom.

How do you design a bohemian balcony?


Image source: Photo by Emma Van Sant on Unsplash

Balconies are best for enjoying me time or tea time. If you enjoy the evening breeze or morning yoga under sunlight, it is good to decorate it in a bohemian style to keep your energy calm in soothing surroundings. Some cozy lights, hanging lanterns, a few plants, a small sitting arrangement of stools, and a rattan chair with colorful pillows can make a magical boho chich balcony arrangement.


We may sound repetitive; elements can be the same, but arrangement and placement make the difference in design.

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