From Modern To Classic, What's Happening In Miami?

From Modern To Classic, What's Happening In Miami?

Miami is the place of magic. Artists and icons are all flying down to find stars in the satellite fairs and famous art galleries. The art-world elites and their affluent clients will crowd this downtown with their passion and appreciation for art and artists. Culture is the character of a city that sprouts and spills over people and places around the world. Art is enthusiasm, art is curiosity, and art is attraction.

Some events are private, some are public, some are exclusive, and some are inclusive.

Art Week Events in Miami

001- Art Basel

Contemporary artists from different continents and artists of different genres are going to celebrate Art Basel's 21st year in Miami. The city's Art Week hosts galleries from all over the world to be displayed across seven key sections: Galleries, Meridians, Nova, Positions, Survey, Kabinett, and Conversations.

  • Galleries showcase modern and contemporary art.
  • Meridians showcase larger projects and sculptures.
  • Nova promotes and showcases recent works by one, two, or three artists.
  • Positions promote new galleries and emerging artists.
  • Survey is for historically relevant pieces.
  • Kabinett highlights works from galleries that are separate from their booths.
  • Conversations hosts talks about culture and art by noted figures.

Photo by Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash  


    002- NADA

    The New Art Dealer Alliance (NADA) presents more than 150 art galleries, exhibits, and nonprofit organizations from more than 50 cities, including Paris, Brussels, Beijing, Memphis, San Juan, and Chicago.

    NADA Miami is one of the most anticipated events of Miami Art Week, which attracts thousands of art lovers, collectors, curators, and critics every year.

    More than 34 first-time exhibitors and 85 NADA members showcase their artwork to the curious clans of the creative world. This year’s Curated Spotlight highlights the assistant curator of the Public Art Fund, Jenée-Daria Strand, with proud presenting partner TD Bank.

    Photo by Diogo Nunes on Unsplash

    003- Art Miami

    Art Miami is one of the longest-running contemporary art fairs and the second most attended fair globally.

    Stepping into the Art Miami venue is like embarking on an extraordinary journey through the boundless realms of human expression. Over 180 of the world's leading galleries are coming to showcase their unique collections of masterpieces. Arts and sculptures can give you experiences of life that can challenge your perceptions and ignite your imagination.

    Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

    004- SCOPE Art Show

    The SCOPE art show will host over 150 highly curated exhibitors from more than 50 cities, presenting a captivating collection of artwork in various media and styles. It is dedicated to exhibiting the works of emerging artists. Beyond exhibitions, it's a cultural phenomenon that engages art enthusiasts in interactive workshops and live art performances.

    Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

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