Microcement? Where Can I Get Microcement ?,and How Can I Apply Microcement?

Microcement? Where Can I Get Microcement ?,and How Can I Apply Microcement?

What is microcement?

Micro-cement is also known as micro-topping, micro-screed, or micro-concrete. It is a mix of cement with polymers, additives, color pigments, and ultrafine aggregates. Its look is elegant because it gives off a stunning cloudy or limewash-like look.

Where can microcements be applied?

Micro-cement can be applied over existing finishes other than parquet or timber flooring. It is non-slip, easy to maintain, and resistant to heat, humidity, and water penetration, so it can be applied to the walls and flooring of the kitchen and bathroom, bedroom, living room, and any single specific wall or floor.

But for bathrooms, because of the high humidity, to avoid the development of mold, we can apply a special waterproofing layer.

You can make the floors matte or polished, and the walls textured and patterned as per your preference. By adding color pigments, you can achieve a mottled, metallic, or even Venetian stucco look.

Why does every designer or architect consider micro-cement as one of the best material options for flooring?

Microcement is in trend and will stay in trend because of its subtle synergy of elegant aesthetics and minimal, magnificent appearance. In most luxury projects, designers and architects never forget to consider this material to create a kinetic canvas space.

Advantages of Micro-Cement

  • Can be applied at a minimal thickness over new and existing surfaces.
  • No need to remove and remodel; just overlay over the existing surface, which saves time and resources from costly floor replacement.
  • You can achieve a modern, minimal, and industrial look.
  • A range of colors and finishes are available to select and suit design preferences.
  • Easy to maintain

How do I apply microcement?

For flooring, two to three layers of coating with fiberglass are used for higher durability and performance. You have to make sure the base layer has sufficient elasticity to cope with normal expansion, wear, and tear. So a resin or a latex base coat will help achieve optimum adherence to a surface.

How do you take care of the microcement surface?

Normal cleaning with a cloth or mop is fine. Over time, when the surface degrades, an additional layer can be added.

Where can I get microcement?

Bharat Floorings is one of the best providers of micro-cement flooring material in a variety of colors. To check the price and material sample, please visit their showroom or reach out to them via mail or phone for assistance.

Concrete By Design provides a revolutionary surfacing solution for decorative concrete. They have a lot of other offerings, along with microcement, to complete and complement luxury projects. Connect with them to get clarity over price and design.

Microtopping India is instrumental in providing pan-India services with a strong, hardworking team of architects, designers, applicators, contractors, and partners. Please do connect with them directly to get a complete picture of pricing as per your design area and style.

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