Arts In Action In Auction Houses: Passion For Possession By Celebrities

Arts In Action In Auction Houses: Passion For Possession By Celebrities

Arts are rare; even the same artist cannot create the same art again. The concept of the curator, with his or her intense involvement, makes magic on canvases. These tangible luxury assets have an enormous amount of intangible intricacies, theories of evocative evolutions, the context of contemporary artists, and the maverick of modern masters.

The imagination of the painter evaporates when he or she touches the brush that clouds over canvases and drenches the visionary visualities of the centuries, like entrepreneurs, industrialists, celebrities, and artists.

Possession can be out of passion, symbolism of status, or investment, but arts of different genres appeal differently to each as per the depth of their own connectivity with the community, understanding of history and culture, and aesthetic appearance.

The art world is expanding with types like NFTs, with an increase in millionaires, billionaires, and digital entrepreneurs. A collection of arts needs involvement, like embarking on a voyage of self-discovery, questioning yourself, and indulging yourself.

 Leonardo DiCaprio: The Oscar-award-winning actor plays boldly as an actor and is a patron of the arts for collection and cause. He is a frequent guest at many prestigious art auctions and fairs, and his collection consists of artworks by Takashi Murakami, Jean-Pierre Roy, Andreas Gursky, Frank Stella, Pablo Picasso, and many more.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and artist Walton Ford sitting in the artist's studio, with a painting behind them.

Source credit: Image © Artnet / Leonardo DiCaprio and Walton Ford © 2015

Beyonce and Jay-Z:

The power couple has a keen eye for the art of different genres that reflect their personal style, cultural identity, community connectivity, and musical influences. She adores collecting art and has turned it into a joint hobby with her husband, Jay-Z. They own artworks by Pablo Picasso, Tim Noble, David Hammons, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ed Ruscha, and David Hammons.

Lady Gaga

The creative clan is bold both in her performances and art choices. Different genres of art and artists inspire her. A few of her collections are a portrait of herself by Jeff Koons, a painting of herself by Robert Wilson, and some art by Francesco Vezzoli and Leigh Bowery. Moreover, the singer is a supporter of the Watermill Center, an artist colony in the Hamptons.

Lady Gaga's cover art for her 2013 album ARTPOP, designed by Jeff Koons. A sculpture of Gaga appears at the centre of the cover, with a shiny blue ball covering her crotch. Gaga's name is written in bright pink behind the sculpture, spliced with fragments of famous paintings. The title ‘ARTPOP’ is written on top of the blue ball at the bottom of the cover.

Source credit: ARTPOP © Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons 2013

David and Victoria Beckham

They like the arts that are modern and romantic. The majority of their collections are “love-themed”, and adorn their homes in London, Milan, and Los Angeles. The collection of David and Victoria includes the masterpieces created by Taylor Wood, Dinos Chapman, Sam Tracey Emin, and Banksy. One of the latest additions to the Beckhams is a huge pink heart, called Daddy’s Girl, by Damien Hirst.

Victoria Beckham standing in her Dover Street store, wearing an emerald green silk dress and orange heels. Behind Beckham is a classic painting framed on the wall.

Source credit: Image © Sotheby's / Victoria Beckham in her Dover Street Store © Chris Floyd 2018

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