5 Best Websites To Find Stone Statues and Sculptures

5 Best Websites To Find Stone Statues and Sculptures

Stone statues or sculptures have not lost their elegance in the modern world. It takes a lot of time and patience to create an artistic sculpture, and these are for those who understand that patience and perseverance are the price of success.

The Stone Studio

It is one of the best stone studios that delivers magic in their sculptures with attention to detail. They intrinsically and elegantly create legacies by creating absolute masterpieces. After traveling a lot, Sangeeta Beri found stones have incredible stories, which is why she put her artistic experience to use in creating The Stone Studio in 2020 in the bustling city of Bhubaneswar to deliver stunning Buddha, Hindu, and modern statues.

Crafts Odisha

Crafts Odisha is a brand of Craft Odisha Hub, which showcases exclusive handcrafts and stone sculptures that inclusively celebrate culture, heritage, and art. With years of experience and expertise in understanding the world of stone sculpture, they know how to build strong relationships with customers and artists. They understand that even the modern world needs the arts of the stone world.

Exotic India

India is vast in variety. Its art, architecture, culture, and character have a plethora of diversity, which is celebrated with significance. Exotic India celebrates all things ethnic. The brand launched in 1998 to share and celebrate the beauty of India with the world.


Established in 2019, Pisarto is on a mission to bring art as an everyday experience of life to art lovers and enthusiasts at an attractive price. They are simplifying the art-buying process, and they clearly understand that art is not only painting; it can be any artistic object.

Arts of Architecture

If you look at history, you will feel that stones have seen the aging of time and the evolution of culture. They silently tell so many stories in temples, in the arts, in architecture, and sculptures and statues. Before creating art or sculpture, the artist or sculptor must feel, understand, experience, and visualize with a vision to create artistic masterpieces.

We are adding another step of sustainability to art by planting trees. We collaborate with creative, absolute master craftsmen to create magnificent masterpieces. We create sculptures that have stories.

To commission artful, modern abstract pieces, connect with us.


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